It was meant to be a great day.

Several centuries into the future, the world has finally come together under a single government, the Executive Committee. They provide for the rest of humanity, most of whom live in huge arcologies - enormous tower block cities.

The New Argo, has been sent to colonise a distant planet – code-named Gamma Six. The day it got there should have been a great one for humanity.

Instead, upon reaching the planet, the New Argo blows up.

But why don’t the members of the Executive Committee want to investigate? And what really happened to the New Argo?

These are the questions that Lize Carr, youngest member of the Committee, wants answered.

When she employs private detective Kem Logan to investigate she unwittingly starts a chain of even

ts that will mean danger for a great many people, including Kem and herself.


The Long Sleep


Reader Reviews

"Mellor has such sharp, witty, alluring tone, that for the first time EVER I have found myself reading a science fiction novel, where both the relationship between humans and technology as well as the relationships between humans and humans remained gripping and well thought out through out the ENTIRE story. The plot is a lovely, dark mystery of potential murder, mayhem, sabotage and the ever seedy underbelly of world ruling politics. Familiar, yet suprising in its sudden twists and turns, the plot holds true to the level first set and ends as mesmerizingly strong as it starts, almost instantly forcing its' reader to turn over the book and read the story of the Raymond Chandler loving private eye and the disaster of the New Argo all over again."

"If you enjoy reading science fiction for reasons more than spaceships and lasers (which are more than enough for anyone, am I right?), if you’re the type of reader who loves to see characters and worlds react to technology and power far beyond our current grasp and to explore the dark sides of technology while still being entertained by a pretty solid noir detective yarn, you really should read The Long Sleep. Don’t let the first few chapters fool you. This is a truly fascinating story."

"An ever surprising novel, hinging on the investigation of a decades old mystery that lead to extreme consequences and extreme measures for the main characters to survive and get to the solution. I found the exploration of gender identity and body change hugely interesting and the whole plot captivating and thrilling. Definitely recommended."

"..Kem Logan is a classic private dick in the Chandler mode, right down to the sassy, drop dead gorgeous secretary (even if she does happen to be an AI). More importantly though, Mellor doesn’t fall into the trap of thinking that “hard-boiled” or “noir” necessarily has to equal a hostile and unpleasant protagonist. If anything, the central characters of “The Long Sleep” are nuanced, believable and likeable. Apart from the villains of the piece, obviously — those characters are just as twisted and irredeemable as you would want them to be.

The plot is engaging and contains some great twists, working in genuinely unexpected plot elements (themes of gender identity playing a surprising part in the story). Perhaps most significantly, the writer’s style is engaging, making this one of those books where you always want to read just one more chapter to find out what happens next.

"The Long Sleep by Ellen Mellor is a well written action packed sci-fi thriller. It is on the "softer" side of hard science fiction. It is hard science fiction in that it does contain many futuristic elements, Artificially intelligent computer programs, space travel, the entire population living inside an enclosed city and an experimental body swap. However the book does not devote much time to attempting any explanations of how these things have been achieved. Instead it is much more plot and story driven. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and felt the author did a great job of introducing the elements without distracting from the plot.
What is it like? I'd have to say it reads like an "old school" science fiction book; Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, etc. It was a quick and enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend The Long Sleep to anyone who likes sci-fi stories.

"The author didn't very much impress me in the first few chapters - she relied too much on dialogue to set the scene. I thought a bit of explanation would have helped me adjust to her world. I thought maybe 3 stars then. But it got better.
Goodreads rating, 4 stars means 'really liked it.' And I really did like it. A great Sci-fi/detective/thriller, with a twist in Ch 18 that puts the story way above most books of this genre.
Very good indeed. Recommended - to anyone, not just to Sci-fi readers.

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