Rachel Cantrell isn't a very nice person. She is a Ghostkin - the daughter of a living woman and her ghost husband, able to allow her spirit to roam independently. She is also transgender. And an expert thief.

Things seem to be going well for her when she starts working for Fred Mott, the local human crimelord. She even meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman.

But her life starts to crumble when she gets caught up in a gang war between Fred Mott and his vampiric opposition, George Bailey.

Things get even worse when Bailey enslaves her and forces her to his will. Especially as he wants to take over the city of Newcastle and turn it into his own personal kingdom.

Rachel will need to use all her strength, courage and guile - not to mention her friends - to escape from Bailey's grasp and stop his plans from coming to fruition. Especially when she knows that going anywhere near him could mean her enslavement once again.

Reader reviews:

"There's a new urban fantasy in town and it's good! We're in Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris or early Laurell K Hamilton territory where things that go bump in the night are real and not well-disposed towards humans. Street cleaners are zombies, convicted criminals may be renfelded to oversee them and the whole tone is gritty, scruffy and down-at-heel."

"Ellen builds a complex and intriguing world like ours but so very different, and populates it with deep characters, humans, fay, apparitions, spirits, and various undead and not so undead horrors."

"If you want a dark story to while away the winter nights, this will do it."

"Wow, not what I expected. Amazing characters and a world very different from our own (with some clever parallels) portrayed by this new author."

"If you are up for a gritty, cynical take on the dark fantasy genre [...] "Ghostkin" is a compelling read that will pull you along to a thrilling and original (though well set-up) climax, albeit followed by a troubling ending."

"An engaging urban fantasy which is really brought to life by a strong central character. Set in Newcastle, the author's knowledge and affection for the city really shine through, reminiscent of Ben Aaronovitch's treatment of London."

"Newcastle upon Tyne as you won't have seen it, its grimy underworld populated by faeries, vampires, ghostkin, and all manner of supernatural beings! A gripping crime thriller from the point of view of one of the criminals, Rachel, a ghostkin with a penchant for supernatural theft but a hidden soft side."

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