Ellen Mellor is a trans woman just trying to get on in life. Her mantra is 'So many books, so many comics, so much tea' and it is a hill upon which she is prepared to die. Or at least have an intense discussion about it.

She reads insatiably and will try almost anything although her main interests are in Science Fiction and fantasy. She also reads comic books and has a collection that is really far too large.

Ellen lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. She has one child, an ex-wife, a cat and a library that threatens to collapse in on itself and form a literary black hole. She is currently accidentally working on her memoir, entitled 'Tea, Comics and Gender: Yet Another F***ing Trans Memoir', her second short story collection, 'All The Books of Earth' and a role-playing game based on her novel 'Ghostkin'. She hopes they will all be out at some point in 2021 as long as the world doesn't end before then.

Ellen has written four books:

  • The Long Sleep - a science fiction detective novel.
  • Down Among the Yla - a fantasy novel.
  • Ghostkin - a contemporary, supernatural thriller.
  • Stories From The Corner of The Room - Short Stories.

She had a short story included in the anthology 'Maiden, Mother, Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes'

Information about all of these, including how to buy them, are all around here somewhere.