Stories From the Corner of the Room

Astronauts, ghosts, slackers, superheroes and transvestites. All these and more appear in this collection of short stories from Ellen Mellor, author of The Long Sleep and Down Among The Yla.

 Stories from the Corner of the Room Cover

These nine stories collect the best of her short fiction, showing the full range and diversity of her work. Also included in this collection are extracts from her two published novels and an exclusive extract of her forthcoming novel Ghostkin.


  • Foreword
  • I Wish I Could Be Like…
  • ‘Armless
  • Ian Knight: A Memoir of My Early Years
  • Bonnie
  • Connections
  • And Did Those Feet
  • You Should’ve Seen Us Gannin’
  • The Knights of Britain: Body and Soul
  • Two Households
  • The Long Sleep (Extract)
  • Down Among the Yla (Extract)
  • Ghostkin (Extract)

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